Wrinkles Out Of A Poster

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Poster

Whether you order any poster online, you may find it rolled when it comes to you – it turns out that a tube is one of the most convenient ways to ship a poster. However, you can now be confused about flattening a wrinkled poster to put it in a frame or installing it on a wall. Once your poster is vintage or rare, it would be better to refer to professional help. The poster print center offers a wide range of posters available and gives recommendations from specialists to wrap a poster correctly. In this article, we’ll discuss a few best ways on how to get creases out of paper posters at home.

Can you iron posters?

Actually, yes. It is quite an easy method to perform in several steps:

  1. Put a poster face down on a clean surface or directly on the ironing board if size allows. The iron should be on a low setting without steam. Place a thin ironable cloth on top of a poster.
  2. Move an iron gently over the area with wrinkles. To avoid any burns, keep iron moving all the time.
  3. Pick up a piece of cloth to make sure the creases disappear.

If the folds are not aligned, iron your poster a little more.

Steam method to align a poster

Whether an iron method is not suitable for you, we have something to offer. For this method, you should place a sheet of corrugated cardboard on the floor in the bathroom and put a poster itself face down on cardboard. Keep in mind that a sheet of cardboard shouldn’t be near the shower or tub. 

Next, turn on the hot water in a shower or a tub with the drain and let it run for a while. The door of a bathroom should be closed to not allow steam to go out. This way, leave a poster in a steamy room for around 30 minutes. After that, carry cardboard with a poster out, and leave it on a straight surface to stay for several days. Don’t forget to place one more sheet of cardboard on top of a poster, so a poster is between the two sheets. 

The final step is to put weight on the poster sandwich to let it sit for a day or two. Check up on whether the crease disappeared. If not, put weight on the top of the construction and leave for another day.

Keep a poster aligned in a frame

Whether you have your poster flat, it would be better to fix it and prevent any potential damage. Framing a poster remains the best working variant. Make sure that a placard is pressed enough to the glass so you can be sure that the new wrinkles won’t happen. Once your placard is not moving, it won’t become creasy again.